May 30, 2011

an afternoon of miracles and an evening of encounter (part 2)

just when we thought a day couldn't get any better, we joined a group of others for our weekly encounter God meeting. after seeing God heal so many people at the healing service (we tried to "add up" the miracles and counted like 30 people healed), we were expectant that our time of seeking God would be something special.

there were also some visitors with us that night. many began to have experience the Lord in powerful ways. prophetic words were coming for people, including the visitors that were especially impacted by the words the Lord gave.

one of the people in attendance who recently gave her life to the Lord out of Islam, had a very special encounter with the Lord. she was totally overwhelmed with God's love and His peace. this is exactly what former muslims need - not words and concepts, but ENCOUNTERS with God's love.

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