May 30, 2011

loving people with God's power in manifestation

this past week we saw more healings than I've seen in a while. it began with a "treasure hunt" where I took out a young couple and we got to see God touch a number of different nationalities - Iranians, Arabs, Filipinos, Indians and I'm sure I'm forgetting a couple of others. it was just so good to be "out" doing what we were created for.

we saw a number of accurate words of knowledge for people who then let us pray for their conditions. one Indian man was healed on the spot and told his Iranian co-worker that all the pain had left his foot. a Gulf Arab muslim woman was surprised when the Lord revealed her shoulder pain - she also let us pray for her. a couple of filipino women were healed in a small restaurant.

it was just a great night living life the way Kingdom people live. loving people with God's power in manifestation.

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