November 27, 2011

fundamentalist muslim healed, asks for phone number

while out with my son, I walked by a muslim man and got a strong word of knowledge for the left elbow.  it was one of those words that was unmistakable!  I walked 10 feet past the man and stopped telling my son to hold on a minute.

i approached the man who was clearly a fundamentalist muslim (long beard, short mustache, bruised forehead).  i asked him if he had a problem with his left elbow which he did.  I proceeded to tell him that God showed us he had this condition and wanted to heal him.  I held his elbow and prayed a quick prayer for healing in Jesus' Name and the release of God's Kingdom.

he began to test it out and it was pain-free.  he seemed a bit taken back and wanted to get my phone number.  I haven't heard back yet, but I am sure I'll hear from Muhammad soon.

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