November 27, 2011

waging war on personal unbelief

this is definitely a theme of this blog, but there is no doubt that "unbelief" is my biggest, single problem as I seek to live this Kingdom life of the miraculous.

even as many of us will wage war on other things in our lives in this season, be that war on consumerism as Christmas approaches, or the war on our waistlines and fitness levels as we are confronted with our massive amounts of our favorite foods along with weather that makes us prefer our couches, let us recommit ourselves to warring against our unbelief - our unbelief that circumstances won't change, that sicknesses aren't going to be overcome or even that our unbelieving family members will ever open their eyes to see the truth of who Jesus really is.

this is the season TO BELIEVE - to dare to think that God will invade our lives and relationships even as He invaded the Palestinian countryside so long ago.

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  1. Amen.

    I read your blog regularly, but in a reader, so I never actually come to your site to comment.

    Today I wrote about faith from a little different perspective from you. When I saw your post, I thought, "I totally agree with this. I'm warring with unbelief, too."

    I'm awaiting a bone marrow transplant for acute leukemia, which will involve one last massive dose of chemotherapy and six full body radiation treatments, then two to four weeks of waiting for my immune system to grow back after the transplant. I'm not looking for a sudden, divine healing. I'm convinced God wants me on this route.

    Today I wrote about the struggle to believe when you're completely out of control, not knowing what's coming, and learning to put things in God's hands then and completely feel safe.

    My blog is at, and the post I'm referencing is today's.