November 27, 2011

surprising encounters for a hindu man

a few months ago my wife led a hindu woman to the Lord.  over the past few weeks her husband has attended several "Encounter God" meetings.  The first one he was more of an "observer", but in the last two meetings God has met him in remarkable ways.  this past week he was taken into a visionary experience where he saw Jesus.  He knew after it that he has a "choice" to make.  The other option in the dream was a demonic presence.  He is now actively seeking.  We are watching in amazement as God does things that we have personally never encountered (i.e. the quality/type of visions).  

I feel so "cheated" that I had no idea that God would pour out His Spirit on unbelievers in such remarkable (and truly Biblical!) ways.  Seeing them come to faith is so much easier when God Himself is pointing them to Himself and confirming the Word they are hearing.

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