July 07, 2012

Bahraini Muslim DOESN'T want to be healed!

driving though La Jolla and see a guy on crutches with two other guys. as we pass by, I hear them speaking Arabic (I knew they must be Saudis!). I stopped the car, went up and sure enough - 2 Saudis, 1 Bahraini. The Bahraini guy had broken his foot. I asked him if I could pray for his foot to be healed. He politely declined. I explained to him that Gulf Arab Muslims come to my house in the Middle East all the time for healing. He kept declining. I then explained that I was a Christian and it was incumbent upon us to pray for the sick and injured. He still said no. I shared some testimonies. Still not interested. That was how it ended which to be honest is not the normal response we get from Muslims. These guys were religious or anything.

at one point he said, "Allah heals all diseases". Tragically, that is not only NOT true, he has never seen healing and won't within Islam. Today God brought some Christians to him to actually demonstrate to him In Jesus' Name what he was claiming to believe, but he hobbled away on his crutches unhealed.

Very sad. All this in La Jolla, California. So many Saudis visiting California right now (I am seeing them EVERYWHERE). Offer them the Kingdom when you see them!

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