July 01, 2012

God's kingdom breaks in at the pier - touching muslims

As we continued to walk around looking for people who needed a touch from God, I met a young muslim couple (he was Turkish, she was Persian).  The Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a back problem and he had some issues with scoliosis.  I was able to lead him through some forgiveness issues and prayed for his back to be straightened.  He felt the presence of God's Spirit in his back.  Of course an x-ray would be needed to verify what God did.  I was also able to pray for his wife who had some stomach issues.  in the end, I also got a word of knowledge for arthritis, which was for the young man's mother who was just about to come and visit.  I asked if I could put a "gift of healing" in his hands to take to his mother.  He agreed and I prayed that when he laid his hands on his mother's arthritic hands, and pray in Jesus' Name that God was going to touch her.  I was also able to talk to the muslim woman about dealing with demonic issues by calling on the Name of Jesus.  This couple was very close to entering the Kingdom.

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