July 01, 2012

God's kingdom breaks in at the pier

a group of us headed out on Friday night to see what the Lord would do as we directed God's love OUTWARD at a popular beach/pier.  the healings began BEFORE we even got to our destination.  while walking from our car to the pier to meet our group, one of the guy's got a word of knowledge for an Irish young man's neck.  I was already talking to him about my love and admiration for the great St. Patrick, and then he's shocked that God would reveal his problem.  We prayed for him and all the pain left.  He was so grateful.  Later in the evening, I caught up with him again and he grabbed me asking me to pray for him one more time (I guess there was still a small amount of pain) and ALL the pain left.

while getting a coffee, the Lord gave a word of knowledge for the employee's knee.  I asked if she had a knee problem, she said, "I might".  She was putting me to the test.  I then asked if it was her right knee.  She replied, "It depends".  I asked if she wanted to be healed.  Same response.  She was both intrigued but also wanted to know what we were "selling".  I then instructed her to put her own hand on her knee and I prayed for about 10 seconds.  She thanked me.  I told her that the knee would not be a problem any more.

when we finally got to where we were supposed "to start", we met up and head out again.  I walked up to a couple of skateboarders and a guy on a bike.  I asked if anybody had any pain, any injuries.  The two skaters said no (surprisingly for street skaters), but the biker had some issues and told us that his right knee was hurting at that moment from an accident.  I had his skateboarder friend put his hand on the knee and I prayed a quick prayer.  The knee was completely pain free after just a few seconds.  How do we know he was healed?  His response was classic.  He was so shocked, asking us "what did you just do?".  It was so God.  The girl who was with us stayed and shared more about Christ with these three young men for a long time and even invited them to Church.  We LOVE doing evangelism this way - someone gets touched by God's power AND THEN we talk.  If only more of God's people would rethink their evangelism!

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