January 04, 2013

deliverance AND healing in the mall

I guess we should just call our ministry what it seems to be – Ministry in Malls.  Living in a hot, desert Middle Eastern country it is where many people congregate.  After seeing the Egyptian muslim man's back healed.  I met up with the "Annointed Deacon" (read Acts 6).  We met to see what God would do.  After a bit of a ministry time with a Christian family, we decided to hit a Starbucks.  As I was interacting with one of the staff, I got a word of knowledge for her back.  I had her put her back on her own back and prayed for her healing.  She was a Christian.  However, her colleague was a hindu from N. India.  As she watched, I got another word of knowledge indicating a demonic assignment against this woman.  She was in fact being attacked by some type of demonic presence that manifested in her being choked and constriction in her chest (which was the precise word of knowledge I had received).  I had the Christian woman lay hands on her as I prayed prayer of deliverance declaring this assignment broken by the "power of the Blood and the power of the Cross".  Something lifted and I told her she was now free.  The Christian woman I explained would follow up with her.  I will be sure to encourage one of our community, a former hindu, to stop by and also explain how a hindu can remain free!  Deliverance session in a Starbucks – has a nice ring to it!

The most dramatic healing we saw was in a sporting goods store (the real reason men go to malls).  I was following up with a group that had been healed the last time we were in the mall and met an employee who had "heard" about the healings.  She was a part of Church that didn't believe in modern-day miracles.  That was about to change!  She explained that she couldn't lift her arms since giving birth.   She showed us and could maybe reach high enough that her hands reached only the level of her head.  I had grab her arms (to lay hands on herself) and prayed a quick prayer.  She was completely healed and could lift her arms all the way straight up.  She simply couldn't believe it as she was trying to explain what she couldn't do, she was doing it!!!  I'm sure her Church will try to explain things away, but thankfully Jesus has better theology than they do!

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