January 03, 2013

from Dan Mohler to those distorting the message of grace

From a leading "Grace teacher", Dan Mohler, taking aim at those who are distorting the doctrine of God's grace.  Thanks Dan for preaching/teaching the WHOLE COUNSEL of God's Word

"There's a movement of grace out there right now that is perverting the grace message; that's just saying "It's a big party and everybody's O.K."  YOU'RE O.K. WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE JESUS.  You are O.K. when the dictates of flesh are so crushed by the Spirit of God in you that they have no voice.  You're O.K. when you've surrendered in the secret place.  There's a [so-called grace ]doctrine that's coming out there.  It's really spreading out there. Be careful.  It says that men don't have to even repent; they're already saved; there's no hell, [because] God's mercy endures forever. And it's sweeping [the Body of Christ] because people want an easy out without the stewardship of life. They just want to party. Be careful! It will be like in the Days of Noah and they'll be eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage and then the rains will come.  It's in your Bible.  "But haven't we supped with you? Haven't we walked in the streets with you? Haven't we…"  It's not about a party.  It's about transformation. It's not about 'easy grace'. It's not about saying, "Well, everything's fine. God knows my heart".  No, God knows your life! It [the Bible] says you'll be judged for your deeds, for your life before Christ, not your heart BECAUSE YOUR HEART REVEALS YOUR LIFE!  It's a cop out. My life lived IS my heart revealed.  Hello.  I'm not being mean right now; I'm being realistic.  I'm being real.  Come on, Jesus talked like this because He loved us enough.  He says, "You're either for me or your against me. You're either gathered to me or your scattered"…"


  1. Love Dan Mohler!

  2. Love Dan Mohler.....whoever this is though making these comments about other people and the Grace message should use caution. I have found that many people jump on a band wagon of accusing some well know preachers of "liscence to sin", and "we are all saved" doctrine without truly listening to their messages in full. We fall into a trap of deception when we go around trying to warn everyone of certain preachers you think are distorting the Gospel.
    If I turned on Dan and listened to him for just a few minutes without hearing the context of his whole sermons, I might make some conclusions too. Please, as a brother in the Lord...prayerfully consider making comments against another ministers who are also your brother in the Lord before you really know the whole story. There are several great ministers preaching the true gospel and brininging great Grace revelations that are NOT endorsing and preaching a free for all party where we all go to heaven.

  3. The very reason that I chose to quote Dan Mohler, is because he represents a part of this new Grace camp, and I have listened to literally several hundred hours of his teaching (I purchased a 13 week ministry school he did). I don't agree with Dan about everything, but I believe that the best place for a rebuke to come is from one's own family/tribe.

    I don't reference teachings/teachers that I am not thoroughly familiar with the teachings that I believe to be dangerous and unbalanced. I am most concerned with those who literally ignore huge parts of the NT (including teachings of Jesus) saying they are irrelevant for us today because they were "pre-Cross and therefore under the Old Covenant". Sadly, many of these teachers don't know Church History well enough (especially early Church history, i.e. before Nicea) to know that they are actually agreeing with the Gnostic heretics. It is these "so-called" Grace teachers that I take serious issues with. They simply do not have a Biblical and Apostolic understanding of grace. Thankfully, many responsible Shepherds are bringing these errors to light (I think of Mike Bickle and Dr. Michael Brown as two clear voices. Even Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson have brought needed correction in their teaching over the past couple of years.). I pray for these men and ministries that they return to a balanced message and teach the entirety of Paul's writings and stop neglecting his countless exhortations to obey, to repent, to draw near, to take heed, to examine oneself, to be holy/righteous and keeping God's commandments. All of these exhortations are placed side by side with his emphasis on the finished work, on our position in Christ, etc. It is the emphasis on the latter and the neglect in also teaching the former that puts these teachers into error. They are NOT teaching the full counsel and work hard to explain away verses that directly challenge their position (I am thinking of how they handle verses in in 1 John on confession of sin). This teaching was UNKNOWN in the primitive Church, the very Church that handed down, preserved and canonized the Scriptures that these men/ministries believe they "rightly handle".

    You notice that I haven't "named names" but have rather focused on the teachings that are unbalanced. And I would exhort anybody to read the NT cover-to-cover (something I did recently to study out this very issue) to see just how many passages (and ironically many of Paul's own letters) directly contradict some of the popular conclusions that are being taught today.

    1. Dan Mohler seems to be an amazing faith hero - the real meal deal !

  4. I am no expert, but I have biblical training both professional and personal. Through my years I have very rarely heard anyone speak like Dan Mohler. I have listened to many of his messages. The only issue I see that has any simulitude of error is his reference to tongues. But even that is not promoted like the fakers that I have observed and caught. Dan's own mention of it is in context of scriptural experience. And no one can judge it foul, in the context of Dan's references he has made of it. It is just not realistic to do so. Dan's focus is always Jesus concerning this gift and it's use. If there be any now to criticize me for my defense of a brother whose "gift" is his claim, let Him take that criticism to God Himself. Todd White, Dan's disciple, claims we have all the gifts for our use if need be. God's word backs that claim in a general way. That means I have gifts, or could if I need them. But discerning the alignment of a Shepherd and there teachings, it would be wise to look at there work as well. Their life, their relationships even. As for now I find Dan's ministry above reproach.