January 04, 2013

Egyptian muslim's back healed - Coptic Christians to follow up!

As I was walking into a mall two days ago, I was stopped by a taxi driver who wanted to know if I needed a taxi.  I didn't.  I thought he might need something I had though.  I asked him about his back.  Did it hurt?  No word of knowledge needed – most taxi drivers I have ever asked have back problems.  He did.  I asked him to put his hand on his back.  I asked him his name.  I prayed the Lord's prayer in Arabic, substituting "on earth as it is in heaven" with "in Abdullah's back as it is in heaven".  He took his hands away after I said "Amen" and testified to all the pain being gone.  He was visibly shocked by what had just happened.  I shared a bit more with him and then gave him a little bit of a homework assignment.  I asked him if he had Christian friends.  As most Egyptians do, he did.  His assignment was to go and testify to what Jesus had just done to him/for him.  He agreed.  I want to honor and express my gratitude to the Egyptian Christians, in particular the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church.  Many of the muslims that I know who have come to Christ, have done so through the witness and testimony of Coptic Christians.  An uncanny number.  Praying for the sick, handing out Arabic Bibles, casting out their devils.  Thank you Lord for them.  Thank you for their work in the Kingdom.  

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