March 22, 2013

more healing testimonies

Tonight when we gathered, these were some of the testimonies from this week.

My son saw a man limping and thought, “I should pray for him”.  It was a soccer injury.  He put his hand on it and prayed.  The man got up and tested it – every step, it kept improving.  He felt something happening. And it drastically improved.  He was hardly limping afterwards.

At an Iranian New Year's celebration, a religious Iranian muslim man was told that Isaac of Ninevah could "hear from God" and he was interested to see what God would say to him.  Isaac began to "read his mail "– things about his character.  About family land in Iran and digging up a treasure that was hidden in a field.  It turns out the man had family land and had dug up a gold ring on his family land!  He prayed for him to have a vision – he saw the “outline of a man with no face”.  Isaac felt it meant the Holy Spirit.  He then prayed for him to feel the Holy Spirit.  He also felt the "fire of God" coming from Isaac's hand.  He felt fire in his own hand and said, “it’s getting really hot”.  His son could feel that his father's hand was actually hot!  His hand was healed too. The man went and testified to family about what happened – the prophetic words, the encounter and the healing.  There was actually a lot of prophecy for muslims at this event and former muslims also shared their testimonies to other muslims.

A Sri Lankan Christian maid had had a personal encounter with Jesus when He walked into her room! She was healed during that encounter.  The other day she was sick and came to one of the women in our community for prayer.  She came back later that day testifying to being healed.  Then she was trained to pray for her hindu friend’s healing – and her friend was healed!  She was amazed that she could do the works that Jesus did!

A Indian man with a heart problem was healed. 

Breast cancer was healed – the woman had had a lump.  She was Ethiopian.  It was cancerous.  After prayer, she felt something and when she was tested again it was all clear.  She had just been to France and is verified to be cancer-free!  It totally resurrected her faith.

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