March 23, 2013

Ripe Fruit - muslim woman comes to Christ

Here is an exciting testimony of a Muslim woman who just gave her life to Christ.

1. I approach N at Starbucks to pray for her because I think she is limping. It turns out I am wrong but that she does have shoulder pain. I pray and God heals her.
2. N is very surprised/excited because she had just got a Bible and was about to start reading it. She declares that this "is no coincidence." It turns out she lives 5 min. away from me.
3. N comes over for dinner and tells me that her older sister became a Christian 11 years ago after she was visited by Jesus in person (he showed up in the flesh in her room). She had to leave her Middle-Eastern country as a refugee and now resides in the United States.
3. N comes to our Friday night worship meeting and gets radically touched by God. She receives several accurate prophetic words and more healing. At the end, God decides to perform a sign/wonder and covers Nr's hands with sparkly gold dust. The gold dust is what touches N most.
4. Throughout the week, N begins asking God to "send her Jesus to tell her the truth."
5. N gets called home to her own country suddenly for five days and discovers that her entire family, including her Muslim brother-in-law turned to Jesus years ago. She is the last one left. They have been very careful about sharing this directly, due to security.
5. N comes back to our country and has a difficult week. She receives prayer and feels the peace and love of God.
6. N comes to Friday night again and again, she has an amazing time. She feels God's presence touch her with peace and she tastes the joy of the Lord for the first time (aka Holy Laughter).
7. A friend asks if N would like Jesus in her heart. Nr shares that she has been inviting him in every single day. The friend explains a bit more and Nr decides that she would like to go through deliverance and get baptized.
8. On the way home, we talk about gold dust again. N says, "This is real. You pray and stuff happens. Why don't more Muslims believe this?"

N will go through deliverance and receive baptism on Easter Sunday.

Please pray for her continued growth.

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