November 09, 2012

another Arab muslim healed

Tonight Isaac of Ninevah and I were out with our wives.  We had the chance to offer to pray for a number of different muslims and some Christians too.  One man's wrist was better (not sure if it was 100% healed).  At the end of the night, I saw a group of Gulf Arab muslim teenagers and one had a wrist brace on.  It was a soccer injury that had happened a couple of days before.  After he told me what happened, I asked him to put his other hand on his wrist.  I prayed the Lord's prayer over him in Arabic and the Lord completely healed his wrist!  He was totally shocked.  I explained that as Christians it was our mandate to heal the sick and that God loved him.  I told him how he could find me and left the encounter at that.  When I was reunited with Isaac and our wives, they knew he was healed as they watched because of the shock and reaction on the muslim teen's face.  

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