November 07, 2012

to the ends of Arabia - Part 5

The fishing village morning was followed by a visit to the horse races in the afternoon.  We didn't know what God would do in such a "formal" environment, but as I was sitting with a couple of Omani muslims, one of them decided to try and tell me about islam – I knew where that was going, so I changed the subject and started talking about healing and some of the testimonies from even the morning.  He asked me to pray for him for high blood pressure which I did as we sat there surrounded by hundreds of other Omani muslims – I'm telling you, we can do this stuff ANYWHERE.  I just asked him to put his hand on his chest and I quickly released God's Kingdom.  Of course he will need to get that checked to see what happened, but afterwards he asked if I could pray for a headache that he had had for 2 days.  God healed that!  Then I began to prophesy over him and spoke to him about an angel that would visit him (this is so common with muslims and the Lord showed me a bit about the visitation).  The crazy thing I told him was that after the angel visits him he would be "a new creation" (khaleeqa jadeeda in Arabic).  He was so excited.  If he only knew what the angel was going to tell him and point him to!!!  I can't wait to hear about what happens.
Also at the horse races one of our hosts went back and prayed for another Omani muslim who was healed.  When the muslim guy I was with asked what my friend was doing, I told him, "oh, he's a healer to and is going to help that man"!  I love just being who we are.

That night we had a chance to minister freedom to a couple who have had many demonic attacks (to put it lightly).  They wanted more deliverance prayer, although they'd been through quite a bit.  The enemy was still harassing them and had them deceived about their true state and authority.  It was all about truth.  I have heard back from them and they are TOTALLY FREE now – no attacks in the night, no sleepless nights, no panic and fear.  The enemy's lie was exposed and truth replaced the lie and they are free!!  

Our last ministry time was at a new mall in the capital.  I can't even begin to share about all the different people we ministered to who were healed.  It was pretty crazy – I knew it would be good when the Lord dropped a name for me as we entered a coffee shop – it was the name of the shop employee who was friends with the group I was with.  His colleague, a Filipino was healed when I prayed.  As we launched out of that coffee shop on little "ministry trips" around the mall, we saw God touch many lives.  A Filipino woman had several conditions revealed by word of knowledge and then the Lord healed her when the girls I was with prayed for her.  Later we were able to connect her with the leadership of a Filipino Church that we met later in the mall by divine appointment.  Another Filipino woman who worked in another shop was healed of an abdominal condition.  As I was walking by her shop (an Adidas store) I got the word of knowledge and somehow knew it was for an Asian woman.  I dismissed the Adidas shop thinking no woman would work in there and so we went out looking for someone else.  Later we found ourselves back in the Adidas shop (o.k. so I like Adidas gear!).  The main reason we were in that shop was because of an Omani woman who worked there.  God revealed many things through words of knowledge for both her and her family.  She was captivated by God's revelatory power revealing these things.  She first saw her Filipino colleague healed after the Lord revealed her condition.  The missionary young woman who was with Isaac and I took her number and is going to visit her.  Of all the people we met and ministered to in our time in Oman, she was undoubtedly the closest one to entering the Kingdom.  I cannot wait to hear what happens when they go and visit her.  

Our time in the mall ended with a crazy ministry time in a soon-to-be-opening donut shop – there entire staff was there for final training and preparation and we got to minister to many of them – Christians, nominal Christians, hindus and muslims.  Prayers for healing – for both physical and emotional pain.  Isaac got to minister prophetically to the muslim supervisor.  We got to share much of the Gospel with one hindu man.  It was such a great way to end our ministry trip – and how many people know that if you heal people in donut shops, you're likely to get free donuts – all of us were given the donut of our choice.  Of course we do this for the love of God and lost people, but the worker is also "worthy of his wage" (like donuts!)

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