November 07, 2012

Pakistani muslims healed

the healings are just going nuts here in the Middle East - I haven't even finished my Omani posts (1 more to go) and I've got another post about all the healings we've seen just talking to other muslims about the Oman trip - and then I took my 15 year-old daughter on a date tonight and introduce her to some employees in a bakery as "a healer". she got to pray for one of them and then a Pakistani muslim woman (a customer) is standing next to us and I tell her, "my daughter is healing that woman" - she's asks excitedly, "Can she heal me? I have a left shoulder problem!" She told us she was a Gynecologist. My daughter laid hands on her and I prayed and the Lord took away most of her chronic pain. We finished it off with another short prayer and a final "topping off" prayer (when it had gotten to 80% because Jesus doesn't get "Bs"). So then she asks for prayer to have another child - they have a daughter who is exactly the same age as my daughter but haven't been able to conceive since then. My daughter laid her hand on top of her hand and I told her that I believed she would feel something to confirm that the Lord had in fact touched her. I also shared a few testimonies of infertility that we had seen healed. During prayer, my daughter got a word of knowledge for her and so we are confident she was touched. Then we head outside to meet her husband (also a doctor) and their daughter. I got a word of knowledge for his achilles tendon - he had a chronic problem there and the Lord healed them. I invited them to our healing meeting on Friday to testify. Not a bad trip to the bakery! BTW - I LOVED that these two physicians absolutely had faith in Divine healing - so refreshing!!!

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