November 06, 2012

to the ends of Arabia - Part 3

We left the Interior encouraged but had wanted to see so much more.  Little did we know that the fun was only about to begin.  When we arrived back in the capital, we met with a young missionary at a mall who we would be staying with.  The first healing we saw was a western woman in a coffee shop who had a cast on her foot.  She had broken her foot and it was still in pain.  I told her I was a pastor and that I believed all the pain would go if she let me pray – I told her 10 seconds was all I needed.  She agreed and all the pain left – she was very grateful.  

As we were sitting in the coffee shop, the Lord highlighted a muslim man to me.  I approached him and the man and his two friends invited me to sit down with them.  They were all Omani muslims which I didn't realize initially as two of them were in western clothes.  They insisted I sit down and I began telling them about what had happened in the Interior (I'll told you the Lord would redeem us getting shut down for His Glory).  These guys were on the edge of their seats.  Isaac of Ninevah and our missionary friend joined us at the table.  What followed was one of the most significant times of Kingdom ministry we had in Oman.  First of all I got a word of knowledge one of the Omani's backs (the one I was initially drawn to).  He was healed.  Another word of knowledge came for the same man – this time about deep emotional pain.  That was accurate.  We prayed again.We also prayed for one guy's knee but didn't really see any difference as he said he would have to wait and see.  We also got to pray for the swelling in one of the guy's ankles and we all agreed that it looked like the swelling decreased during prayer.

We began to talk about the Kingdom of God.  I explained why we weren't afraid as Christians to go to place with witchcraft because God Himself lives within us.  They were so interested.  Islam doesn't teach this and so it was something they had never heard – the concept that God comes to indwell and manifesting His Kingdom. We spoke about the kingdom of darkness and its inferiority to the Kingdom of God, how we have authority to cast out demons and another man wanted prayer for deliverance from the influence of Jinn (demons).  I told him that the coffee shop wasn't the place so we exchanged numbers for further ministry.  Isaac also ministered prophetically to these men and much of it was clearly revelatory for them.   He got that one of them was in the music industry (which he was – a DJ) and the other liked to build small things with his hands. Turns out, he was a chemist who also fixed and upgraded his own computers. 

This whole encounter was just one big redemption from the disappointments we had seen earlier in the day.  And that is the way it has gone ever since.  I tell muslims we went to the house of a witch to see him healed from being crippled and the Kingdom discussions begin!  The questions flow.  The offers of Kingdom ministry are made and accepted.  

Note: this whole encounter in the coffee shop was done in public in a mall in a muslim country under the surveillance of cc cameras.  We didn't lay hands on anybody but rather had them lay their hands on themselves. In other words, we have no excuses.

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