November 07, 2012

back from Oman - the healings are increasing!

We've only been back a couple of days from the trip to Oman and the healings seem to be increasing.

The day I got back we went to the mall as a family – 3 people were healed.  My wife, Desert Princess and my daughter got a word of knowledge for a woman's lower abdomen and she had pain in her ovaries and was healed.  While walking out, I got a word of knowledge for a muslim woman's knee.  I walked on as my wife and daughter stopped to pray and she is radically healed.  She was in shock.  While they are praying, I found another muslim guy and got a word of knowledge for his lower back.  I prayed for him and the pain left.

Then I tell my students some of the stories from Oman and one of them was fascinated by my "offer" to pray for the witch's healing.  She asked, "Do you think you would have healed him?" (he was paralyzed).  I told her yes and that we had seen many things healed – like blindness, and deafness.  She kept asking me so I said, "I've got a better idea.  Is anyone in your family sick or in pain?"  She said her sister was – her sister walks with a cane and is afflicted with arthritis.  I told her that I would have my wife come and "show" her how we heal instead of telling her.  She was so excited and took her number.  The meeting hasn't taken place yet, but I'll blog about the encounter when it does.

Then today an Egyptian muslim man comes to renew our internet subscription.  I got a word of knowledge for his neck and prayed for him and he was completely healed.  Knowing he had Coptic Christian friends (most Egyptian Christians are part of the Coptic Church), I spoke about how I had learned many things from the Copts about healing and casting out devils.  I told him to tell his Coptic friends about his healing.

Then tonight when I took my son to soccer practice, one of the Arab muslim players (in his 20's) came off the field with an injured ankle.  I went up to him and told him I would pray for him and God would heal him.  He let me pray.  I prayed twice and to his amazement the pain left.  He began to ask me about my faith and couldn't believe a Christian could do something like this.  It had been very painful and the next thing I know he is up and walking around.  When I left he was walking normally, and called out to me thanking me so much.  Since he attends the University I work at, I am sure I will be able to follow up with him in the next few days.  

I want to say that there seems to be a massive momentum at this time.  The Kingdom is being released on and around muslims and they are asking questions.  They are discovering that there is power in the Name of Jesus – as in each case I prayed the Lord's Prayer and clearly prayed in His Name.  More Lord.

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