August 13, 2013

Ireland - Day 2 (part 2)

I forgot about a significant encounter we had in a coffee shop.

After a Church service we went to meet some guys, and I had a word of knowledge and asked the Brazilian woman serving us if anybody needed healing. She was so funny, "what is healing"? She started asking the other staff what the word meant as she didn't know. The owner/manager? told her it is like what a doctor does. She says, "Oh yes, I need that ALL OVER". Anyway, the owner needed healing and let us pray. The Lord began to bring healing to his arm (later he said, "what if I don't believer"? to which I said, "as the Lord has begun to heal your arm, you are starting to believe". He smiled.)

Then it was the Brazilian's woman's turn. She sat down with us and basically opened up to all the healing that the Lord would bring to her - for her heart, for her body. We ministered to her for quite a long time - prayed for her and released the Kingdom of Heaven. She had a major encounter with God and it changed her countenance completely from the one we encountered when we walked in. Numbers were exchanged and she will be followed up by an Portuguese speaker here in Dublin and also will be connected with another Brazilian friend of ours.

God is so good

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