August 15, 2013

Ireland - Day 4 (part 3) - Into the Night

Tonight is the night in Ireland when all the teenagers who have finished exams head out to party all night long in the streets of the major cities.  A group of us headed out to see what God would do in the midst of the absolute chaos - drunken brawls, carousing and just a very sad scenario for me, as a parent of two teenagers to witness.

God however had some crazy appointments for us and here are some of the highlights.  At one point, I was drawn into a pub with one of the YWAMers that was in the city on their outreach phase.  The name of the pub was "Vicartown" and since I am a Vicar, I knew God wanted to do something.  As I walked in, in addition to one of my favorite Smiths songs being played, I got a word of knowledge for one of the employees who had an injured hand/fingers.  I inquired and sure enough one of them had that exact problem, but they weren't on duty at the time.  I laid my hand on another of the server's hand and released a gift of healing for them to take to the injured employee.  The YWAMer will follow up with them.

Next I approached a group of teenagers and told them that we wanted to see miracles tonight and asked if any of them needed one.  One of them had an injured ankle.  He let us pray - and after the 2nd prayer he felt something.  He would need to check it out more thoroughly the following day, but it got their attention.  Then our team got to minister to about 5 or 6 of them individually which was far better than when they were all together - as they had all been drinking.  One of them opened up to me and asked if I could heal him "on the inside".  That led to a time of deep prayer and I got to break off of his life and past a lot of trauma and prophesy his destiny.  God really set us up with these guys.

After leaving there we came upon a group of 3 Romanians working in a restaurant.  I asked them if they needed a miracle.  One of them inside did as his hand/wrist was injured.  I held his wrist and prayed.  He was completely healed!  He was testifying to his other friends and even a Chinese customer who came in for food.  One of them was quite skeptical, but that was changing as we left.

A remarkable thing happened next - whenever I've been finding pennies recently the date on them has meant something important prophetically.  I found a coin as I was walking by a group and it has the date 2011 on it.  As I ask the Lord what it means for the teens we were passing by, I was impressed that it was a traumatic experience involving a car accident and someone's neck was injured.  I walk up to ask and sure enough this one young man was in a car accident in 2011 and his friend's neck was injured.  He was really, really intrigued.  He needed healing in his arm and I prayed for him and his arm/shoulder was instantly healed.  They he shared that he had fallen out of a window and that his back was injured.  I told him God would heal that too.  He let me pray for that and he was also completely healed.  He was literally the happiest guy you'd ever seen!  So thankful and using very colorful language to express his gratitude.  Then we gave him the number of some of our friends here in the city to follow up and pray for his friend with the neck.  Another wanted prayer for his grandmother's cancer which we not only did but are arranging for a follow-up visit for her too.

As I am walking by a McDonald's I get a distinct word of knowledge in my left knee as a man walked out of the restaurant and then re-entered to sit down with a group of friends.  I walk in and tell the table exactly what happened and ask who has the knee injury.  One guy begins to freak out as he has a brace on his knee (underneath his pants so I couldn't see it).  I had his friend lay hands on his knee and I pray and the knees is completely healed.  He gets up to check it out and is freaking out.  So much fun!

There were others healed too as we were a pretty large group.  It was a very powerful night of ministry and in the midst of a sad environment the Lord healed many people, some in dramatic ways and there were many prophetic words given to a lot of different people.  I think that some of the people who came to learn, were radically impacted by how easy it was to see breakthrough tonight.  

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