August 14, 2013

Ireland - Day 4 (part 1)

Today was a day of radical contrasts. In one city, we could hardly get anyone to even receive prayer for their healing. It was such a dark, hard place. It didn't seem to matter who we talked to, from visitors to locals, and other nationalities. It was a HARD place to release the Kingdom.

At one point, I spotted a local man (in his 20's) with a broken arm and a full cast on it. He was clearly intoxicated and walking up to different groups of people (asking for money presumably) I walked up to where he was with a group of other men (that he had approached) and asked him, "What happened to your arm?". He looks at me and replays, "F_ _ _ my arm!". I told him that I just wanted to help him and he makes a fist with his other arm and comes at me and swings at my face! He missed horribly as he was so drunk, and slow that I just took a step back and was out of way. It was just so demonic. To get that kind of reaction when all I was doing was asking him what had happened. It was unlike anything I've ever encountered before, anywhere on the streets.

Later when we returned to the city of Cork, we discovered something that might very well explain what happened. A woman told us after we explained what kind of morning we had had in the aforementioned city that the main "white witch" (knowing full well there is only one kind of witch, namely demonic ones) in all of Ireland lived in that city. She knew the house and pulled up the address on Google maps and took us to street view - to my shock and amazement, when she zoomed in on the actual street, it was the SAME STREET the man tried to hit me on. In fact, it was only about 200 feet away from the very spot where my incident had taken place.

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