August 13, 2013

Ireland - Day 3

I don't know where to start - as we visited some tourist sites and wandered around the streets of Dublin, we saw a number of significant healing miracles and prayed for literally several dozen people.

A few of the highlights - and we had several different teams so I can't even summarize their stories!

Saw an African muslim man radically healed after we were led into a store, got a word of knowledge and even the actual department the man worked in. He'd been attacked by gypsies (a racially motivated attack) and the Lord broke off the shock and trauma and healed his shoulder which led to an opportunity to share some powerful things about Christ.

The Lord revealed by word of knowledge thing after thing about these two Iranian muslim girls - a girl's dizziness, the hearing problem for one of their sisters along with a skin condition. We got to pray for it all - the thing they were the most shocked about was that God was revealing things - God was speaking which muslims don't believe is possible! It enabled us to share quite a bit about the nature of God and His love (things Islam doesn't teach). they were clearly impacted by all that happened.

A young woman from South Korea with no faith at all was healed from a shoulder problem and that led to her to open up her life to let Jesus heal her heart - which she testified that He did! one of the most significant individual healing encounters we saw all day! She will be coming to Church.

A homeless young man from Russia let us minister to him for quite a while - the Lord came upon him as we prayed for him and ministered to him prophetically. It was a deep time of ministry and an opportunity to express God's love in a way that left us all very touched.

A security guard's back problem was revealed by word of knowledge. I introduced myself and he let me lay hands on him and pray. He testified to how the Holy Spirit had healed him when a priest had laid hands on him years early and invited the Holy Spirit to come. It was time for a "refill". The Holy Spirit began to move on his back. He was tangibly being touched by God. He then shared with one of his colleagues who later ended up giving me a powerful prophetic word and just encouraged me in a deep way. I walked out of the building under the influence of the Holy Spirit in a powerful way.

There were just so many others on the street that we had a chance to pray with, prophesy over and just love on. Some of them we didn't see breakthrough with their conditions, but we had really no negative experiences as people thanked us and appreciated what was done.

That evening we had a large meeting in a Church where there were 70+ people and as we moved into a time of prophetic ministry and healing again we completely lost count of all that the Lord did - backs were healed (including curvature of the spine), necks were healed, chronic pain left, shoulders were healed, an achilles heel, knees and I am only sharing what was seen (remembered) from one of the healing lines - there were 6 or 7 other healing lines and therefore I am way underestimating all the Holy Spirit did.

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