August 14, 2013

Ireland - Day 4 (part 2) - prepare yourselves!

We returned to the city of Cork and the atmosphere just felt different. We went to lunch and got some words of knowledge and were able to pray in the restaurant. We went to a Christian bookshop/coffee shop and got to pray for more people there. Then a couple with us went into a barber shop after Isaac of Ninevah had an impression that we were supposed to go in there. One of the employees was radically healed of an elbow condition and was so thankful to Jesus for what He had done!

Then the Lord opened up for us one of the most significant experiences I have ever had praying for people on the streets anywhere in the world.

We were with a Christian man in his 70's who had lived his entire life in Cork. He had given his life for the sake of the Gospel in this city. He had been with us the night before in a renewal meeting that we did and wanted to join us on the streets. He told us of the renewal that hit the Church back in the 1970's and how it eventually waned. He was a man who prayed with others for a revival to come to the city. I think we were about to see something that could be the start of an answer to the cry of his heart.

I saw a group of teenagers sitting outside a cafe we were about to go into. I sensed that I was to approach them and ask them if anybody had any sports injuries, especially from either rugby or soccer/football. The one in the middle said he had a knee injury from a match several months before. He'd done physical therapy but it was still a problem. I told him that I saw people healed and he was willing to let me pray. I didn't lay hands on him; he laid hands on himself and I prayed a short prayer of 10 seconds in Jesus' Name. He took his hand away and could feel something happening in his leg. I told him that he was healed and went to rejoin my friends at the cafe. We could sense that things were no over. The group of friends with had grown from 3 or 4 to 7 or 8 kept looking over at us. They were discussing the miracle. Others needed a touch from God. Would they be able to conjure up enough courage to walk over and ask us. That is what I was praying for - that they would come to us asking out of their own hunger/desperation. I even knew what the condition was that they would come to ask about - I had gotten another word of knowledge about a groin/hip issue. Eventually it happened, about 3 of them came up and wanted to know if..... I interrupted them and said, "Don't say anything. I know what it is. One of you has a problem with your groin/hip and wants to be healed. The young man was shocked!!! I took his hand, prayed a quick prayer and sure enough the Lord came on his hip and he knew it was being healed.

What happened next was like it came out of a textbook entitled, "What you Dream will happen in the Streets". The whole group of them came up and were asking us questions. We began to prophesy over them and God was revealing the secrets of their hearts. They kept asking, "What is God showing you about me?" So not only did we keep prophesying, but we TRAINED THEM (a group of mostly nominal Catholics) how to hear from God and prophesy over each other. Some were seeing pictures and even a vision. Others were getting words/phrases. We were having a conference ON THE STREETS. You just have to picture what it looked like - five of us sitting in an outside cafe with a group of like 8 teenagers crowded around this gate/fence asking us question after question about God's power, His revelation, His healing. While this was going, another one of the team went over to the rest of their group (about 50 feet away) and offered the Kingdom. One soccer player had heard the testimony of the other soccer player who was healed and wanted healing as well. So what does our team member do? He has the young man who was healed, lay his hand on his friends knee and instructed him to say, "Be healed in Jesus' Name". Guess what happened? His knee feels different. Our team member asks, "How would you know if it was completely healed?" He says he'd have to run on it to know for sure. So off they go - the young man and our team member running for about 100 yards and at the end of it, he declares that he is completely healed! In fact, in the wake of that healing, he didn't lay hands on any other teenager, but had them only laying hands on each other and the Lord healed several other injuries. It was all like a dream.

At one point, I told that that this was better than ANYTHING else they could be doing - they agreed! Miracles are addicting! We arranged to provide further training/equipping for them via my podcast for when we left. They wanted to know how they could continue to hear from God, heal the sick and learn to grow in their newly resurrected relationships with God! We probably ministered in total to between 15-20 teens, both boys and girls and all of them hungry, even desperate to experience what God was doing. We will be working on follow up with them.

And to think it all started after a slow (if not discouraging) morning, where people were ignoring us (and one trying to attack me) and then one testimony, a single significant healing with no strings attached, provokes a group of teens to come and ask for more. They overcame their fear. They approached us, all of us at least 20 years older than them, and ASKED for the Kingdom to come to them.

I had said that when we met them, they were a group of nominal Roman Catholics, probably seeing little to no relevance in the faith that their parents and others had raised them up within. Well, they are NOMINAL no more!!!


  1. Wow this is so awesome!! yay thank you Jesus!!!


  3. Yee haw! Come, Lord Jesus, come! I loved reading this!