February 01, 2010


Kingdom living was/is/should be all about multiplication - Not one 'anointed' individual entertaining crowds of other believers. As I am watching a group of wild Kingdom citizens taking the Gospel of power to the streets, to hospitals, to restaurants, to their places of employment, etc. I am thinking - "Why haven't we seen this before"? I know there are exceptions, but basically the Church has defaulted into lifting up superstars rather than expect the entire Body to really get equipped and do the stuff.

The message of Jesus and what He modeled was all about multiplication. When it started to get too much about "the Apostles" in the Book of Acts, God puts His Spirit on the Stephen, Philip and the other 'non-Apostles' and they modeled yet again God's intention - to put His Spirit ON HIS PEOPLE rather than a few 'select' individuals.

There may have never been a time (since the earliest days of the Church) that more people are expecting God to use them in supernatural ways than today. As a student of Church History, I don't make that statement lightly. Maybe the Celtic Church from the 6th-8th centuries or the Church of the East in 9th-12th (who took the Gospel to Central Asia and China), but then again I think it was still largely focused on a handful of 'anointed saints' who moved in power.

May this trend continue - largely a group of 'nameless and faceless' believers taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to a lost world.

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