February 06, 2010

7 healings before we go to the meeting

I took out some teenagers to heal the sick and told them before we went - pick a number between 5 and 10. They chose 7 - I said, "Great, we'll believe God that we'll see 7 people miraculously healed before we go to the meeting". They reluctantly agreed.

We had basically 45 minutes and we started out - we saw one man's neck healed, another muslim man's back. Then we entered a shop and saw another neck healed, a back healed (after a word of knowledge). A word of knowledge came for another customer in the shop and we prayed for her (we counted it as one of the 7 because the Lord so accurately spoke for this particular person). Then we also prayed for a man's shoulder - who was healed. There was one other that I forgot - and so we said, "we've got our 7" - and then we went to the meeting.

We got to pray for even more than that and many saw the healing power of Christ as we proclaimed His goodness and demonstrated his power - btw, the muslim guy whose back was healed was studying to become a shi'ite muslim sheikh (religious leader) - I think we messed up his theology a bit!!

It's amazing what God will do when you've got 45 minutes, 3 teenagers who want to see miracles and the Holy Spirit living inside of you! (next I'll blog about what happened in the meeting)

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