February 06, 2010

the healings continue in the meeting

so after the 7 healings, we headed to a "healing service". I spoke for a while about God's will and healing (which is a confusing topic for way too many Christians) - we shared about the 7 healings we just saw (and the like 15-20 healings we'd seen in the morning with the military guys and general). Nothing like a few testimonies to lead into a time of praying for the sick.

I have no idea how many people were healed - but I know that we saw a number of back and neck problems healed. A shoulder problem. Migraine headaches. Knees. I'm just trying to remember. There were even some demons that decided to show up - we got to minister deliverance too!

It was just a great day yesterday - I estimated that we saw something like 50 healings (not that we needed to count, or even should be counting). Many heard the Gospel and saw God's power released.

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