February 02, 2010

muslim man's arm grows out in front of our eyes

Tonight I took a group out to "spill". My personal rule is "I don't go home until I see a miracle". For me personally, the night was pretty slow. It seems most of the words of knowledge I was getting were wrong. We got to pray for a couple of people, but no real clear breakthrough. I was encouraged to get an accurate word of knowledge for an Indian Buddhist man who had a back problem - but we couldn't check if he was healed as it wasn't hurting at that time.

As everyone else was heading home, I took off with a couple (first time on the streets with us) to go see something miraculous. God just NEVER disappoints us - sometimes it is at the end of the night (as it was tonight), but He always does the miraculous!

We are literally 100 yards from our cars - and as we are walking by a couple of Lebanese muslim men, I get a word of knowledge for a back problem. I inquire and one of them has the problem. That got their attention. Then I start talking to his friend who had been in a horrible car accident and one of his arms was literally like 2 inches shorter than the other (due to injuries to his shoulder and elbow). I got to pray for this and wasn't seeing any change. Finally, I have him hold them out strait (before I was having him lift them over his head). We all could see that one of the arms was about 2 inches shorter than the other. We began to pray again. As I wasn't seeing the breakthrough, I had my friend go and put his hand on the affected shoulder and we prayed again. This time the arm begins to grow out right before our eyes. It was stunning - both of these muslim men were declaring it to be a miracle! I've never seen anything as dramatic before my eyes. We were all just in shock at what the Lord had just done!

Before we left, the Lord gave another word of knowledge for the other man's stomach and it was also healed - couldn't leave him out!

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