February 01, 2010

follow-up testimony - tonsillitis healed!

a couple of nights ago, when that unique healing anointing was present, many were healed. One 6 year-old girl with a chronic tonsil condition came for prayer as she was definitely on the road to a a new severe infection. She was in significant pain. Her parents had been inquiring about pain medication that we had in our home (which we didn't). Then the Lord began to release a special healing presence. She came for prayer. We prayed a couple of times and all the pain left.

The report this morning - 3 days later - from the mother is that she was/is completely healed! It was the first time that they had seen breakthrough with this chronic tonsillitis. The lack of results with healing prayer had been having a negative impact on the faith of this young girl. She has now "tasted and seen that the Lord is good".

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