February 05, 2010

healings lead us into a GENERAL's office

when a group of soldiers start getting healed, eventually news reaches their commander - who happened to the a GENERAL! This is how it started - one solider (a Christian) had a neck brace, we prayed and he was healed. A 5 year chronic neck condition healed, the neck brace became the "flag we waved" then others came for healing! One notable healing is all it took and then literally we were swamped with requests for prayer.

His muslim commander also had a neck problem - I had the guy who healed lay hands on his boss. We prayed. The boss was healed. At this point, it all gets a bit fuzzy - there were just so many people getting healed (and only 3 of us ministering) that I don't remember what came next. The Lord started giving words of knowledge and we just prayed for one after another after another - they kept bringing their friends. A couple of knees, headaches, wrist pain, back and shoulder pain. Then a man comes with chronic pain in his jaw - he was physically in pain. He was dramatically healed. Then everything changes - he goes up and tell the General and so off we go to meet with the General. Along the way we are praying for people - and the Lord also is revealing things about different people. The Lord showed us that one of the muslim's daughter's needed a miracle of healing in her bones - we'll be meeting her later.

Then we are in the general's office. It just kept getting better - the Lord gives me the name of the General's sister-in-law (an Arabic name) and a condition she had in her left ear. Even the General didn't know she had this problem. He called them on the phone and CONFIRMED that she in fact had that problem. Even as people walked in the General's office, the Lord would give us a word of knowledge about a condition that the person had and we prayed - a guy's right knee was healed! A Druze woman was also in the office - the Lord gave us a word of knowledge about a condition her daughter had. We'll be going to pray for her later. We got to pray for the General - the Lord also gave us a number of words about conditions he had (back, wrist pain) and also some prophetic words for his wife. Needless to say we are going to meet with he and his family in the coming days. Basically, all in all, there must have been like 15-20 people who were healed of one thing or another. Some needed to wait and see. Some will come to our healing meetings that we are having in the next few days. It was just such a KINGDOM MORNING.

BTW - this is what NORMAL CHRISTIANITY looks like.

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  1. wow praise God. i love to hear how God does things so fast and so powerful