January 01, 2011

2011 BEGINS with healing miracles

Before we slept on New Year’s Eve a large group of us gathered for praise and worship to welcome in the new year. I had wanted to head out on the streets immediately to see our first healings of the new year, but it was raining. We stayed inside and God didn’t disappoint. A brand new Christian woman was healed of two conditions and we contended for a long-term chronic eye pain condition for another young lady – she was healed too! I love it that we saw 3 healing miracles BEFORE 5AM on New Year’s Day 2011 – may it foreshadow the kind of year we will have.

There were other miraculous things that occurred at our New Year’s Eve gathering – much prophetic ministry and also a manifestation of the presence of angels that many people could physically sense! It was just one of those meetings when you end up scratching your head saying ,“What just happened here?”

That’s all I can recall now – as the others record their stories, dozens of other testimonies will come in. My wife was telling me that she hadn’t seen the kind of breakthroughs in public with the word of knowledge and healing possibly ever. If I can get her to write them down, I will post them too.

Be encouraged to go and do likewise!

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  1. God bless you for your work. Please pray for my 74 yr old father Herman to be healed and spared for us more years. Thank you Linda