January 01, 2011

Kingdom stories – Part 1

The next couple of blog posts are going to be an attempt to capture some of the miracles we saw God perform as we traveled around the country of Lebanon this past week. Since I didn’t record the events daily, I will only be giving an overall impression of what we saw highlighting some of the more memorable healings and/or prophetic encounters.

Lebanon is an interesting country with a mixture of different religions and ethnic groups. We found ourselves during the week ministering to muslims (both shi’ite and sunni) as well as Christians from all major branches of the Church. It was a real privilege to join hands with local Lebanese believers and hit the streets together.

We saw the Kingdom come in malls, coffee shops, the street, refugee camps, outdoor markets and on the seaside. Healings also took place in Christian meetings and people’s homes. We would often get words of knowledge for different conditions that people needed healing for and they would most often let us pray.

What follows will be some of those testimonies.

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