January 01, 2011

Kingdom stories – Part 5

People shocked and healed after words of knowledge – we entered into this cigar shop and the Lord began to reveal things about one of the women who worked there. It was the left elbow – she wanted to know “how we knew”. We explained to this Christian woman that the Lord was revealing things that He intended to heal. She let us pray and the Holy Spirit came onto the arm and she was feeling God’s power. We also prayed for her knees after two of us got words of knowledge about a knee problem. The Lord touched her knees. Next we got her to lay hands on her muslim co-workers stomach as she was complaining about pain. The Holy Spirit came and healed the muslim woman. The Christian woman was shocked about what she was feeling in her hands. Needless to say there was a massive interest to know more and we gave her the number of one of the Lebanese women leaders we were working with.

Next we headed to the American University. We met up with an Iranian muslim that one of our team had met a few days before. He had talked to him about the Kingdom and healing miracles, but he hadn’t seen one yet. A sunni muslim girl was talking to him and a word of knowledge came about a very specific place she suffered from headaches – it was accurate. Without touching her (which we almost never do in public anymore), I had her put her hand on her head as the shi’ite Iranian student watched. She was healed completely. How do I know? Because of her reaction! She was probably as shocked about the ‘revelation’ (the word of knowledge) as she was about the healing. God decided to hit 2 birds with one stone – both of these muslims were now hungry to know and experience more. Again, we followed up by connecting this woman with our Lebanese host. Can’t wait to hear about her entrance into the Kingdom that she “tasted” that afternoon!

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