January 01, 2011

Kingdom stories – Part 3

Muslims prayed for in the marketplace - When in the far south of the country we split into 3 groups and healed out to declare the Kingdom message and to demonstrate its power. I headed to a market place with a small team. I entered a silver shop and began to ask the muslim shopkeeper if he needed healing in his body (sometimes there is no need for a word of knowledge). He needed prayer for a chronic breathing problem. He showed us how hard it was to breath and it made a wheezing noise. After prayer, it was gone. He was very grateful. Next we got pray for a man who had lost most of his eyesight because of diabetes. He wasn’t healed, but let us pray and minister to him multiple times. His friend’s leg was healed however, and we got to share many things with these shi’ite muslim men. The Lebanese woman with us got to minister healing to a muslim woman who wanted prayer to conceive a child. We had approached her with an accurate word of knowledge, but she didn’t want prayer for that. Numbers were exchanged – we are expecting the Kingdom to come in her family and can’t wait to hear about the news of an upcoming pregnancy.

What struck me most is that we openly were praying for the sick in a public market place in a very tense part of Lebanon and there was no opposition whatsoever. No debates, and only one or two refused prayer (even when an accurate word of knowledge had revealed their condition).

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