January 01, 2011

Kingdom stories – Part 4

Words of knowledge on the way – as we left the marketplace, we got a word of knowledge for a group of woman who happened to be Christians. We got to minister to them for probably 20 minutes. The first condition was healed, other emotional pain was revealed and they let us pray for that as well. The most encouraging things was the way God’s Holy Spirit came upon each of them as they felt His manifest presence.

Then I see a group of fishermen and a word of knowledge comes for a right knee condition. One of them has the problem, let’s me pray and is healed on the spot. He tested it out and testified to all of his friends. They were Christians too, so we just wished them a Merry Christmas and moved on.

When the Holy Spirit invites you into a house – the most significant experience that afternoon in the south was when we got invited into the home of a Christian family. We offered healing and I don’t remember if we had a word of knowledge or not. The next thing we know we are inside the home and the Lord healed a woman’s right foot. Then her mother had sciatica – all the pain left her leg and lower back. A husband’s right hip and leg pain was healed. Then grandmother came in and we prayed for her – she was healed of several conditions (leg pain, upper and lower back pain). She had also been battling cancer and so we prayed for that too. We got to get some of the family involved in praying too – one young boy prayed for his grandmother along with us when she was healed. Another granddaughter in her 20’s prayed for her too and felt God’s power flowing through her hand. Again, phone numbers were exchanged. Invitations to pray for their extended family came. It was truly a Kingdom divine appointment.

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