January 01, 2011

Kingdom stories – Part 2

Muslim manger of Burger King – we’ve learned that if you can get to the manager, you can normally minister to the rest of the staff (either at a store or restaurant). That was my thinking when I asked to speak with the manager of Burger King. Sure enough he had some problems (neck and back) that needed prayer. He joined us an let us pray for him a number of times. The back was healed, the neck improved dramatically and we were invited to go and visit his family to minister healing to his sister. We didn’t get to the rest of the staff, but because the Kingdom came to his back, he heard many things about Jesus and invited us to minister healing at his home. Can’t wait to see what will happen as we go there!

Muslims and Christians touched by the seaside - A group of us decided to hike down a hill next to the sea to minister to fisherman and whoever else we would find. As we approached an outdoor coffee shop/restaurant, I got a word of knowledge for a neck condition. It was for one of the muslim women there. I had a Christian background Lebanese woman put her hand on her neck as I prayed. She was healed. This led to a domino affect of people getting touched and healed – the Christian woman was next and her back was healed. The woman’s husband, a muslim was also healed when I prayed for his knee. We got to pray as well for muslim drug addicts who wanted to be free from their addictions, a former mafia member who had a major encounter internally as I told him God had revealed inner pain. His girlfriend was next and our Lebanese host joined us to minister inner healing to her. By the end, numbers were exchanged and she wanted to pursue Christ. Finally we prayed an elderly man with chronic pain in his feet – the Lord came and took away most of the pain and he could walk much more normally. This was a massive divine appointment that began when a veiled muslim woman was healed after a word of knowledge and began to share her testimony which opened all the other doors. Many different aspects of the Gospel were shared with probably 10 different Lebanese people.

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